8 Most Instagrammable Photo Spots in Norway’s Lofoten Islands

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Sitting high above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway, the Lofoten Islands hold some of the most beautiful arctic landscapes in the world. From dramatic mountains rising from crystal-clear waters and picturesque fishing villages, to secluded white sand beaches against a backdrop of rugged cliffs, there is no shortage of incredible photo spots. 

I’ve put together this guide to help you find some of the best photo spots around the Lofoten Islands, whether you’re after the most Instagrammable locations, or you just want to admire the beautiful landscapes.

1. Reinebringen

Starting with one of the most famous view’s in all of Norway and one you’ve likely seen all over Instagram, Reinebringen is a steep climb up 1500 steps, reaching the peak at 448m. Upon reaching the top, you’re treated to panoramic views of Reine, the mesmerizing fjords, and the towering mountains that surround them.

This is undoubtedly one of the best views in all of Lofoten, and you can get some incredible photos of the dramatic landscape from this vantage point. 

We highly recommend doing the hike at sunrise or sunset, not only will the lighting be better and it’ll be less busy, but it’s fairly straight-forward to get up and down, making it accessible for walking in the dark. Just make sure to bring a torch!

2. Haukland Beach & Mannen Hike

Haukland Beach is one of Lofoten’s many white sand beaches surrounded by towering mountains. This two-in-one location is incredible for photos, as the pristine beach and turquoise water contrast with the green rocky peaks of Mannen and the surrounding mountains. In the warmer months, this location could be mistaken for a tropical island instead of an arctic beach! 

I’ve paired Haukland Beach with the Mannen Hike, because this trail goes directly above the beach, meaning you can visit both these places at the same time and get different views. 

During our visit in autumn, the orange hues of the changing leaves perfectly complemented the ancient 1200-year-old building, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a scene from Game Of Thrones.

A ticket to enter the grounds of the Church costs 110 NOK, and is completely worth it, as you can enter the church and see the remarkable craftsmanship up close.

The hike starts from the Haukland Beach car park, and winds up the mountain, rising to 400m above sea level. The view’s from Mannen are incredible, and it’s definitely worth doing the hike to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and see a different perspective of the beach.

3. Hamnoy

Hamnøy is a traditional picturesque fishing village in the Lofoten Islands, known for its iconic red cabins surrounded by scenic mountains.

If you’ve done any research about the Lofoten Islands, then you’ve probably seen the iconic photos from the Hamnøy Bridge of the red cabins in front of a majestic mountain. 

We highly recommend staying in this area of Lofoten, as you’re walking distance to incredible spots and can easily get there for sunrise and sunset. We stayed in one of Reinefjord Sjohus’ traditional fisherman’s cabins, which arguably had the best views in Lofoten, making it another Instagram worthy spot!

4. Reine

Lofoten is known for its charming fishing villages, and Reine is the definition of photogenic, with traditional cabins surrounded by rugged mountains. There are endless photography spots around Reine, and we recommend taking a walk through the village to discover all the hidden gems that make this place so special. Wait until the water is still and you can create some incredible reflection photos!

5. Ryten & Kvalvika Beach

Accessible by a moderate hike, this secluded arctic beach offers stunning views of towering cliffs and turquoise waters. This spot offers plenty of unique compositions for photos, where you can perfectly capture the contrast between the rocky peaks, golden beach and tropical looking water. 

After reaching the beach, there is the option to continue hiking above it, giving you a breathtaking view of the dramatic landscape below. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to hike above it, but we’d recommend you do if you have the time!

6. Henningsvaer

Henningsvær is another charming fishing village with traditional colorful houses and is home to one of the most iconic football stadiums in the world. Located on the tip of a rocky island, the bright green pitch stands out amongst the rocky landscape and arctic waters. This spot is definitely best photographed by drone, providing endless compositions of the pitch against the unique scenery. 

If you’re up for a hike (or should I say climb!), then consider the Festvågtinden trail, taking you above the village and offering a different perspective. Although a bit rocky and challenging, this hike is well worth the effort to see the many islands dotted below.

7. Fredvang Bridges

This is one of Lofotens many bridges connecting the islands, and is a particularly photogenic spot, with the impressive Volandstind mountain as a backdrop. This is another photo spot that is even more impressive from a drone, as you can perfectly capture the bridge and turquoise water leading directly to the mountain. Hike Volandstind to see the bridge from above, and get a fascinating view of the surrounding landscape.

8. Nusfjord Road

There’s a common theme with roads in Lofoten, they’re all so photogenic! The road to Nusfjord is another Instagrammable spot of a long road backing onto majestic mountains. Use the road as a leading line to get some interesting compositions of the landscape. 

If you’re traveling in a campervan, there’s a few spots along the road to camp, meaning you can be at this spot for sunrise and sunset, resulting in some awesome conditions to get a Instagram banger!

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