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In this list we’ll be sharing all of our favourite adventure and content creation essentials that we think you should consider adding to your travel bag, including our top tips and recommendation for each category. We’ll be covering everything from camera gear to the some of the best ways to save money while you travel, so let’s dive in and explore the ultimate toolkit for adventure travel content creation. And don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can refer back to it later!

1 . Drone

A drone (or in our case drones) is, in our opinion, an essential tool for any adventure travel content creator, as it allows you to capture the most unique perspectives possible wherever you find yourself. There are two types of drones that we would recommend for content creation: FPV (first-person view) drones and the ones you’ve almost certainly heard of, DJI drones.

Drone photo of road leading to Stetind mountain in Norway
Bearhill Husky wilderness cabin in Lapland, Finland

Unique perspectives

FPV drones are ideal for capturing high-speed action shots and creating immersive cinematic content. They give you a real-time view of what the drone sees, allowing you to fly it with precision and capture unique perspectives – imagine strapping a GoPro to an Eagle! Admittedly they come with a MUCH steeper learning curve than the more beginner friendly options from DJI but the results speak for themselves.


iFlight produces some of the best BNF (bind and fly) drones on the market, which is without a doubt the easiest ways to get into the world of FPV without the need to build your own from scratch. And in case you were wondering, BOB57 stand for the best of both 5 and 7 inch, making this an ideal all in one for longer flight times, while still keeping a good level of agility. Just remember that it is still a lot more complicated than the more traditional DJI drones and I don’t recommend diving straight in without doing your research.


If you’re new to this type of drone, the DJI Avata includes everything you need to get started right away and can be a great first step into the world of FPV. My first FPV was actually the original DJI FPV Combo, and after only a couple of weeks in the simulator app I took it with me to Madeira and my video ended up winning the DJI annual video contest for the FPV category! The Avata is essentially just a new and improved version that can even fly indoors. Although these are great FPV drones right out of the box, the main disadvantage to the DJI FPV models is the inability to make repairs by yourself, and the risk of crashing one of these is obviously going to be much higher than your average DJI drone.

My competition winning video shot on the DJI FPV

DJI drones like the Mavic Series, on the other hand, are best for capturing cinematic footage with maximum convenience and versatility. Equipped with stunningly good cameras and gimbal stabilization systems, its almost too easy to capture smooth and cinematic footage like a pro. I’ve been using drones from DJI for almost 10 years now and even though I’ve fallen in love with FPV over the last couple of years, I still find myself reaching for my trusty DJI more often than not.


dji mavic 3 - best all round drone

In my opinion, the DJI Mavic 3 is the perfect balance between stunning image quality and portability. It is noticeably bigger than something like the Mini 3, but the large micro 4/3 sensor makes all the difference, particularly in low light situations such as sunrise and sunset. One of the things I love most about the Mavic 3 is its obstacle avoidance system, it’s a huge upgrade on older models and allows you to navigate tight spaces with impressive accuracy. Another great feature is its battery life of around 40 minutes so I rarely even need to carry spare batteries with me anymore – my first drone could barely even fly for 5 minutes!

2. International bank card

We really don’t go anywhere without our international bank card and it’s definitely a must-have for any traveller! It gives us the convenience to withdraw cash (although we rarely need to do this anymore) and make purchases in local currency without being charged high fees or unfair exchange rates by our local bank. You can enjoy more of your time and money on adventures, without having to worry about bad exchange rates or any trips to those suspicious looking currency exchange shops.


Wise travel account card

Our top pick for international banking is Wise, which is free to sign up and offers a fair exchange rates in over 50 currencies around the world – we also use them for our creative business, allowing us to be paid in any currency all to the same account!

3. Filtered water bottle

When we’re out in the wild, of course we want to stay hydrated, but with all the gear that we carry it’s always a challenge to take enough water with us, and pending on where we are, access to filtered drinking water may be limited. That’s where a filtered water bottle comes in handy, it removes bacteria, parasites, and microplastics from natural water sources like streams and rivers. It’s also eco-friendly solutions since it eliminates the need for single-use plastic water bottles.


Lifestraw filtered water bottle

The LifeStraw is one of the best bottles out there – it’s lightweight, durable and reusable making it a perfect addition to your adventure travel gear. LifeStraw claims that their filters last over 5 years, so you won’t even need to worry about changing the filter.

4. mirrorless camera

Gone are the days when DSLR cameras were the go-to choice for “professional” cameras, mirrorless cameras have become the new standard, and for very good reason. Since I first got into content creation, I have loved mirrorless cameras for their lightweight and compact form factor, making them so easy to pack in your travel bag without taking up too much space. Personally I have always used Lumix cameras as they have always offered fantastic video features at an affordable price while being more than good enough for my photography needs – you can check out a couple of our recommendations below.

Shot on Lumix

Lumix s5

Panasonic lumix s5 - best camera for content creators

The Lumix S5, along side the very similar but less compact Lumix S1, is what almost everything we have used for almost everything over the last couple of years. One of the best things about the Lumix S5 for us is it’s exceptional image quality and feature list, including, a frame sensor, weather-sealed body, internal image stabilisation and super slow-mo shooting, makes it one of the best value options on the market right now.

Lumix g9

Lumix g9 best camera under $1000

Yes, I know, another Lumix… but the reason I have to mention this one is because it’s the updated version of the first 2 cameras I ever owned (Lumix G6 and Lumix G7), so I can confidently say that this is a great choice for beginners looking for slightly more affordable option. It’s compact size, durable build, and versatile shooting modes makes the Lumix G9 a reliable and cost-effective tool for any photographer, filmmaker or content creator.

5. Noise cancelling headphones

Whether you’re on a long-haul flight, a noisy train ride (a life saver on the London Underground), or trying to block out distractions in a busy café, noise cancelling headphones can provide the peace and quiet you need to relax and focus on your work or editing. Noise cancelling headphones work by using microphones to pick up external noise and then creating an opposite sound wave to cancel it out – I’ve even used them to help me sleep on long flights!

Bose 700

Bose 700 best travel noise cancelling headphones

My headphones of choice and a favourite among travellers are the Bose 700, known for their top of the range noise-cancellation technology and sound quality. They’re also wireless and have an impressive battery life, making them ideal for flights or long days at the desk. While they may be a bit pricier than other headphones, in our opinion the investment is well worth it for the added comfort and convenience they offer. 


Shameless self-promotion I know, but one of my favourite and most used tools as a content creator is my collection of LUTs and editing presets. They allow me to quickly edit edit my photo and videos to give them a consistent look that stands out and matches my style, whether I’m editing on my desktop or on my phone.

[rev_slider slidertitle=”Preset Example” alias=”preset-before-after-1″ layout=”auto”]

If you’re interested in taking your photo editing to the next level but you don’t know where to start, I highly recommend considering LUTs and presets, and if you want to support us by trying out our own collection, you can learn more about them below.

Explore our products

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7. Action Camera

Perfect for those times when you need something more durable and waterproof, action cams have been a game changer for capturing those adrenaline-fueled moments like surfing, skydiving, or ziplining – and they just keep getting better! One of the biggest advantages for us is it’s incredible versatility, with a small and compact design, I can use it for anything from scuba diving to FPV flying and I don’t have to worry about it getting damaged by the elements.

GoPro Hero 11

gopro hero11, the best action camera

From 5k resoluton to 10-bit colour and RAW shooting, the GoPro Hero 11 isn’t just durable, it’s also impressively powerful. The latest model is packed with features like HyperSmooth stabilization and TimeWarp, so you can capture stunningly smooth and cinematic footage even in the most challenging environments. Another great feature of the GoPro Hero 11 is its touchscreen interface and easy-to-use editing tools so you can edit and share my footage with your phone using the GoPro app.

8. Camera Bag

If you have any of the gear I’ve already mentioned then you’ll definitely need one of these, it needs to be tough enough to handle the outdoors, while also providing enough space for all of my stuff. Sounds simple enough right? Well clearly not because I have gone through more camera bags than I care to remember over the years and there always seems to be something that isn’t quite right.


Sometimes there’s too much space for camera gear and not enough space for anything else, sometimes it doesn’t fit my laptop or is simply just not comfortable for a day of hiking – so far I’m yet to be convinced that the perfect camera bag exists! However, I have managed to find two bags that are as close to perfect (for me) as anything I have found so far which you can read about below.

Lowepro Whister AW II

Lowepro whistler - best adventure camera bag

As I mentioned, I have tried many camera bags over the years, but the Lowepro Whistler AW (all weather) stands out as one of the best. It’s made from high-quality materials and durable materials, designed to keep your gear safe when your on the go – trust me it’s tough! One of the things I love about the Whistler, and one of the main things I look for in a camera bag, is its versatility to be used as a camera bag and a travel bag all in one. It had big pockets and compartments to store anything from a 15″ laptop to spare clothes. 

Lowepro Truckee

Lowepro Trunkee - best city small camera bag

The Lowepro Truckee is a much smaller and lighter option, not as rugged but better suited to a day in the city or when you don’t need to carry so much gear. It features a padded and adjustable interior to protect your camera and lenses, as well as more than enough additional storage for a day trip. 


Often overlooked, ND (Neutral Density) filters are essential for content creators who want to create stunning images and footage in bright conditions. They work by reducing the amount of light entering the camera’s lens, allowing you to use slower shutter speeds (for natural motion blur) or wider apertures without overexposing your images. ND filters are also particularly useful for landscape photography as they can help to create motion blur in water or clouds for some more creative shots.


Variable ND filters are the ones that I would recommend you go for as they are by the most versatile, giving you a wide rage of densities all in one filter, saving time shooting and space in your camera bag. With a range of stops, usually from 2 to 10 or more, you can adjust the filter according to the lighting conditions and the effect you want to achieve.


I would also highly recommend investing in these for your drone and GoPro, particularly if you plan to shoot much video. Just remember, when choosing a variable ND filter, it’s important to look for one with high-quality glass in to ensure that it doesn’t degrade the image quality as some filters can introduce colour cast or vignetting. And you don’t need to buy one filter in every size, you just to buy one to fit you biggest lens and some cheap adapters called step-up rings.

PolarPro PMVND

Polar pro peter mckinnon variable nd filter

I’m not going to lie, this is the most expensive filter I’ve ever used, but it’s also the highest quality by a long way – it looks and feels quality! It was designed with Peter McKinnon and includes a number of unique features such as a haptic feed back system so that you can feel every stop and a custom filter cap so that you can leave it on your camera without having to worry about scratching the glass.

10. esim

eSIMs haven’t been around for long but if your phone is no more than a few years old then it’s a good option to consider if you want an easy way to stay connected while you travel or upload content on the go. One of the biggest advantages is the convenience, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a physical SIM card when you land or dealing with expensive roaming charges. Instead, you can simply go online, select your desired data plan, and start using it right away – you don’t even need to remove your existing SIM card!

we recommend 


Airalo best travel esim

Airalo is a global eSIM provider that offers affordable and flexible data plans around the world. You can choose from a variety of data plans for your destination country before you even arrive, ensuring that you have access to the internet as soon as you land. 

11. Music Licensing and SFX

If you’re creating travel content, music and sound effects can make all the difference in setting the tone and creating an engaging experience for your audience. With travel videos in particular, we love using sound effects to add a touch of depth and realism to our shots, while the music sets mood and flow of the video.

Check out how I used music and SFX

we recommend 

Epidemic Sound

the best sound library

Epidemic Sound is our go to platform for sound effects and when we we need to find quality royalty-free music, such as for commercial or sponsored videos. It has one of the biggest libraries of tracks that are exclusive to their platform, covering a wide range of genres and moods, making it easier to find music that matches your content. You’ll have access to unlimited downloads of music and sound effects that can be used on any of your social media platforms and you won’t have to worry about copyright issues.

12. Travel Insurance

Yes, it can be tempting to skip purchasing travel insurance to save money, but you really never know when something could go wrong and travel insurance will be worth every penny if something ever happens to you or your luggage!


Nomad Insurance from SafetyWing is one of the best options specifically designed for digital nomads, remote workers, and long-term travelers. It provides coverage for medical expenses, trip interruption, emergency medical evacuation, and more. Plus, it offers the flexibility to customize your coverage to fit your individual needs and budget.

we recommend 

safety wing