The Most Unique Villas in Bali? - Review of Ulaman Bali Eco Resort blog post

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Bali has become a hotspot for travellers seeking a mix of natural beauty, cultural richness, and unique luxurious escapes. Ulaman Bali is a luxury eco resort offering just that, a retreat that blends luxury villas with the island’s natural beauty and unique culture. 


Ulaman Bali is one of the most photogenic places we’ve ever stayed and has some of the most unique architecture we’ve ever seen, with the entire resort made from bamboo and earthly materials. After spending two days relaxing at the resort, we can confidently tell you that a trip to Ulaman Bali is worth it, even just for the Instagram pics! 


In this blog post, we’ll share why Ulaman Bali should be on your bucket list, and all its unique features that make it truly exceptional.

Location and surroundings

Ulaman Bali is just a short 20-minute drive from the Canggu / Seminyak area and is surrounded by rice paddies, swaying palm trees and lush greenery. The founders goal was to create an ‘Ubud feel’ closer to the Canggu & Seminyak areas, allowing people to easily swap the hustle and bustle of Canggu, for the calm and tranquil surroundings at Ulaman Resort. The location is absolutely stunning, and is the perfect place for a peaceful getaway.

Ulaman Bali Eco Resort Drone Photo

Arrival and Check-in

After arriving at the Resort, we were immediately greeted by friendly staff who took our suitcases and took us through the check-in process. We arrived early and our room wasn’t ready, so we we’re taken to the restaurant to sit down and have a drink, while the staff took our bags. When our rooms were ready, we were given a tour and our luggage was already waiting for us! 

Accommodation and room types

Ulaman has a total of 20 Eco-Luxury State-of-the-Art Villas, all with their own unique designs and advantages, and can accommodate up to 47 guests in total. We stayed in two different villas, the Sky Villa and the Lake Villa, both of which took our breaths away!


The Lake Villa

The Lake Villa is a luxurious bamboo villa floating above the bio-filtered lake below, with a patio and hanging net. The room itself is completely constructed out of bamboo, with incredible intricate designs, artisan furniture and Balinese artworks. The rooms are extremely spacious, with comfy king size beds, a sofa and coffee table, wardrobe space, smart TV with Netflix, Bluetooth speakers, a coffee machine and so much more!

Ulaman Bali eco resort lake villa
Ulaman Bali Eco Resort Lake Villa

You also get some complimentary mini bar items and exclusive bathroom amenities. The Lake Villa also has a huge artisan wooden bathtub, so it’s perfect if you like to relax with a bath! All rooms have grand wooden doors that open out to the balconies, and let in plenty of light during the day. 

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The Sky Villa 

The Sky Villa is similar to the Lake Villa, but is raised into the treetops, 9m from the ground, with views of the rice paddies, the resort, and the surrounding lush greenery. It has a balcony with outdoor seating, and the inside is very similar to the Lake Villa, with plenty of room and artisan furniture.

Ulaman Bali eco resort lake villa and sky villa from drone
Ulaman Bali bamboo sky villa bedroom

However, the best part about the Sky Villa is its intricately designed swinging bathroom door, leading you into the incredible bamboo bathroom with vanity mirrors and a rain shower, which was definitely our favourite part of this villa! The rooms also have automatic curtains, which just adds another level of luxury!

One bedroom villa with private pool

The one bedroom villas are slightly more private than the Sky Villa and Lake Villa, with private sundecks and infinity pools surrounded by green tropical gardens. The designs are similar, with the villas made from bamboo and stone materials and decorated with artisan furniture and Balinese artworks. These villas feature the artisan wooden bathtub, along with all the other amenities.

Other Villas 

Ulaman also has a couple of other villa options, including the Deluxe Suite, which has a private terrace and quick access to the main pool and restaurant. The Cocoon Upper Deluxe, which is a uniquely shaped cocoon designed villa with a private balcony, and the Grand Lagoon Villa with a private pool, which is the largest villa right next to the river. This villa features a dining area, kitchen, living area, patio and a private pool.

Dining Experience - Food and Beverage

The E.A.R.T.H Restaurant at Ulaman is one of the most unique parts of the resort, built with bamboo in a lotus-shape, creating the most incredible environment to sit down and feast on delicious food. The restaurant serves up incredible food with a variety of Asian, Balinese and Western cuisine, including plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes! 

Ulaman Bali earth restaurant

Not only does the food taste absolutely delicious, but the presentation is beautiful and too pretty to eat! We definitely recommend trying the Jackfruit Rendang and the desserts such as the chocolate banana ‘sushi’. As for the drinks, you have a huge selection of juices, smoothies, coffee and tea’s, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages – and of course a daily happy hour!


Breakfast is included in all stays, and is one of the best breakfast we’ve ever had! You can have the breakfast either brought to your room, or eat it in the restaurant / pool area. We were served up some colourful fresh fruits and bread while we chose our mains. There were plenty of options from pancakes and smoothie bowls to nasi goreng and eggs. We highly recommend the pancakes, they are delicious, and you can choose between banana, strawberry and even pineapple!

Ulaman Bali Resort Breakfast

Facilities and activities

As a resort that promotes well-being and mindfulness, Ulaman offers plenty of relaxing and rejuvenating experiences to take part in while staying at the resort. 


Riverside Spa & Wellness Centre

The Spa and Wellness Centre houses a hot and cold plunge pool, Infrared Sauna Room, Steam Room, Manicure & Pedicure Lounge, and single or couple massage rooms. As well as the Riverside Spa, there’s also the Tree House Spa, built above the Ulaman Waterfall and River with two massage beds. Along with this, there’s an Instagramable riverside stone bathtub filled with colourful flowers!


While we didn’t indulge in any of the massages offered, we did experience the hot and cold plunge pools, which were very relaxing. The Riverside spa is also built right next to the Ulaman river, so you can listen to the sounds of running water which creates a relaxing ambience. 


Infinity Pool

Ulaman has not one, but two infinity pools located in the resort, both consisting of sea salt water to leave you with silky smooth skin. The Waterfall Infinity pool is the one we used the most, located next to the E.A.R.T.H Restaurant, it has a waterfall feature and plenty of day beds around it. The Jungle Infinity pool is surrounded by one of the main bamboo buildings, and overlooks the Ulaman river and surrounding greenery.

Ulaman Bali infinity pool

Yoga & Wellness

The Yoga Shala is elevated into the treetops, overlooking the resident waterfall and greenery, and built entirely out of Bamboo. Here, you can practise yoga, or mindfulness with meditation and sound healing classes. Each guest of Ulaman has complimentary resort activities which includes yoga & meditation classes. 


Tennis Court & Gym

Ulaman also has a brand new Tennis Court and Gym, which is complimentary for all guests. The gym looks onto the lush jungle surrounding Ulaman, and has all the equipment you could need. 



Not only does Ulaman have plenty of wellness activities to do inside the resort, but they also offer guided tours outside into nature and local communities. Some of the tours they offer are trekking through rice paddies and jungles, cycling around nature and villages, and village tours to learn about the Balinese culture. 

Photo by Silas Baisch

Service and staff

The staff at Ulaman represent the genuine Balinese warmth, and were so helpful and friendly throughout our stay. The staff will carry your bags to your villa, and will pick them up on checkout, and will always be around to check if you need anything. We found all the staff to be very chatty and interested in what we were doing and how our travels were going!

Sustainable and eco friendly

At Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort, a commitment to eco-living and sustainability principles is more than a statement – it’s ingrained in every aspect of the retreat’s design and operations. 


Ulaman’s sustainability journey began with the selection of building materials sourced directly from the site and its surroundings. Bamboo was a natural choice for constructing most of the resort’s structures, and the ground-level curved walls are crafted using ‘Rammed Earth,’ a blend of earth, sand, lime, and gravel that not only creates a visually appealing aesthetic but also minimises the environmental footprint.

Ulaman Bali eco resort lake villa and sky villa
Ulaman Bali eco resort lake villa and sky villa

Beyond its physical structures, Ulaman is eco-conscious in its day-to-day operations, with a ‘Farm to Table’ concept with an organic garden and fresh locally sourced ingredients. The resort also draws water from its own filtered well, eliminating the need for plastic bottled water and reducing waste. Additionally, Ulaman employs a Custom-Hydro Turbine System, harnessing the power of water to generate energy sustainably, contributing to the resort’s self-sufficiency.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Ulaman stands out as one of the most unique and luxurious resorts in Bali, with not only incredible food, amenities and activities, but also an eco-friendly approach and design. It’s one of the most photogenic resorts we’ve ever been to, we could have spent days just taking photos of every little corner!


If you’re after a relaxing getaway surrounded by the Balinese rice paddies and lush jungle, and a unique experience you won’t get anywhere else, then we definitely recommend paying a visit to Ulaman Bali Eco Resort – you won’t regret it!