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Finding audio to use in my content has often been such a frustrating and time consuming process, always feeling like my time was being wasted endlessly scrolling reels looking for the right sound. Although this method does work to an extent, you are unlikely to come across anything that doesn’t already have tens of thousands of videos associated with it – not what I am usually looking for! Ideally I like to find sounds with less than 10,000 uses that are already showing signs of momentum, such as previous viral videos or early trends that are utilising the audio.

I wanted to share the simple methods that I’m currently using to identity early trending audios to use in my videos, like in the examples above. Hopefully these tips will help get your content shown to more people if the audio takes off!

Method 1

More often than not, viral trending audios are unique sound edits or remixes uploaded by other Instagram creators, this is known as original audio. It hasn’t always been this easy but right now if you go to the audio search page within the Instagram app there is a tab labelled “Original audio”, if you click see more you will get a list of recommended audios.

Screenshots of original trending audio on Instagram

You might notice that many of these audios will have a small upward arow next to the creators name, signifying that this is a trending audio. From here you can save any that suit your style of content and when you go to your saved list you will be able to see exactly how many Reels have already been created using that particular audio, allowing you figure out which have the most potential to grow.


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Method 2

Another great way to identify these original audios is to follow creators that have had consistent success producing these viral original audios. This way you’ll start to notice audios with viral potential even before they start to trend, giving your content a huge boost if you’re right.

Photo by Ash Edmonds

Bellow is a list of creators that I recommend keeping your eye on:






Trending audios are without a doubt one of the best ways to increase your chances of a viral video and I do use these methods all the time. However, it’s important to remember that audio isn’t everything and definitely shouldn’t be something that you rely on. With so many people watch videos on silent, the content of the video will always be the most important factor. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, much like viral video trends, I would only ever use a trending audio if it actually fits your niche and style of content.